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Workers' Compensation

Worker's Compensation laws vary widely from state to state. Arkansas is no exception. It is challenging to keep up with the changes and nuances in the case law. Our firm can help your business deal with any Arkansas Workers' Compensation claim, whether threatened or filed. 

Fraudulent, improper, or exaggerated workers' compensation claims can cost your business time and money. Even legitimate claims can be mitigated and streamlined. The attorneys at the Ryburn Law Firm know that businesses and insurers want to avoid work injuries and claims. However, even the best safety practices and diligent management cannot prevent all claims. Employees, contractors, and even non-employees can make a claim against your business or insured despite your best efforts. When claims occur, your business needs highly experienced representation and counsel. Our firm strives to make the claims process as efficient and painless as possible so that your business can focus on doing what it does best.

Claim Investigation and Defense

The Ryburn Law Firm will help investigate claims made by employees who alleged an injury or illness cause by their employment. We can help determine the legitimacy of the claim and explore any defenses that may exist. Proper investigation can also help to determine entitlement to certain benefits like temporary total disability (paid time off), wage loss, and permanent total disability (impairment).


Case Management

The Ryburn Law Firm can help manage the entire claims process for an employer/insurer, including defending claims by representing the employer at hearings and negotiations and handling any appeals. We will ensure that the employer's interests are protected throughout the claims process.


Risk Management

We can provide risk management advice to employers to help avoid future workers' compensation claims. We can also help employers create and implement safety policies and procedures, provide training to employees, and ensure that all workplace safety regulations are being followed. Additionally, our firm regularly provides training to insurance professionals seeking to better understand the claims process, forms, hearing process, settlements, appeals, and Arkansas workers' compensation law.


Cost Containment

The Ryburn Law Firm is equipped to help employers and insurers mitigate the costs associated with workers' compensation claims. Many claim costs can be prevented through timely and strategic claims management. Accepted claims happen, but through early intervention, many costs can be reduced or eliminated entirely. 

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