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Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation defense is a legal service that helps employers protect themselves from fraudulent or exaggerated workers' compensation claims. It involves defending the company against claims made by employees who have suffered an injury or illness while on the job. By working with experienced attorneys like the Ryburn Law Firm, employers can ensure that they are not unfairly held responsible for injuries that were not caused by their negligence or that do not qualify for compensation. This service is essential for companies of all sizes, as it can help them reduce costs and avoid unnecessary legal battles while also ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for legitimate claims.

Claim Investigation and Defense

We can investigate claims made by employees who have suffered an injury or illness while on the job. We can help determine the legitimacy of the claim, whether it was caused by the employer's negligence, and whether the injury or illness qualifies for workers' compensation benefits. If the claim is fraudulent or exaggerated, We can defend the employer against it.


Case Management

The Ryburn Law Firm can manage the entire workers' compensation process for an employer, including filing claims, representing the employer at hearings and negotiations, and handling any appeals. We can ensure that all deadlines are met and that the employer's interests are protected throughout the process.


Risk Management

We can provide risk management advice to employers to help them avoid future workers' compensation claims. We can also help employers create and implement safety policies and procedures, provide training to employees, and ensure that all workplace safety regulations are being followed.


Cost Containment

The Ryburn Law Firm can help employers contain the costs associated with workers' compensation claims. We can negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that the employer is getting the best rates and coverage, and we can help employers minimize their exposure to liability. We can also assist with fraud investigations and help employers identify and prevent fraudulent claims.

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